Philadelphia City Two

Philadelphia City Two takes on many different journeys. On our journeys we travel to Austria and Germany, the Caribbean and the Panama Canal. We visit many states and cities in the United States.

Gail Mullen

Gail Mullen would like to know if a story her grandmother told her was true. Anna M. Hubble Kriwer offered her granddaughter Gail $10,000.00 to buy a car. She told Gail that the money was from an estate of people she helped to escape Austria, when Hitler was in power and took over Austria.
Believe me before this story ends you will have tears in your eyes.

Gail's grandmother Anna Marie (Hubble) Kriwer married Robert Kriwer. Anna M. Hubble Kriwer
arrived in America in 1937.

In 1938 and 1939 a brother and sister Albrecht Kriwer and Edith Kriwer arrived in America.
In 1938 Germany invaded Austria and annexed Austria to Germany.

Watch to see the interesting stories and find out if Gail has Jewish ancestry and were Albrecht
and Edith related to Gail's grandparents.

Jennifer Berry

Jennifer Berry would like to know about an ancestor who was a counterfeiter and horse thief.  Jennifer's grandmother was Gertrude Emma (Harmon) Burroughs.

The party in question is one Boss Buck a/k/a Boston Buck, Benton Buck. Boss Buck was considered the second worse criminal next to Jessie James both were alive at the same time period.

Ms Berry's second great grandfather was Edward Harmon and her third great grandfather was Joseph
(J.B.) Harmon. Both Joseph and Edward were partners with Boss Buck.  The area which they lived in was considered the largest criminal area.

Watch for more interesting facts.

 Shawna Kline and Paul Baker

Paul and his sister want to know who their great grandfather Flynn was. We learn that one Charlie Lee Lynn was their great grandmother.

We learn that Charlie and his brother served in World War I at the Panama Canal area.

Charlie was born in 1899 in Lion County, Kentucky and supposedly died on July 18, 1929.

Watch to see the significant meaning of July 18,1929 and other facts.

Philadelphia City Two was filmed in the Historical Society for Pennsylvania. This building was built in 1824 and houses 350 years of American History.

Liz Welsh

Ms Welsh wants to know more about her Welch ancestry. Also about a long burning fire and her relatives who were coal miners.

I will start with Peter Welsh who immigrated from Wales where he was a coal miner. Peter is  Liz's second great grandfather and her immigrant ancestor and a coal miner.
He became a music teacher. Find out why he changed professions.

Next is John Welsh her great grandfather who was a coal miner.

Now we have her grandfather who is also a John Welsh and a coal miner.
Watch to learn about the longest fire that was started in 1884 and is still burning.

Also what connection to union activities accepts Liz Welsh's family.
You can go to and watch these videos.

Susan Famiglietti

Ms Cowan would like to know if her third great grandfather Orren Fulp was the son of a slave owner.  We learn through DNA testing that she descends from William Walker Fulp a slave

William Walker Fulp and Sookey Fulp were Shelby's 4th great grandparents.

Watch for more facts. Hope you enjoy Philadelphia City Two. I know I did.

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