Reba Mc Intire Who Do You Think You Are S 3

Reba Mc Intire

Reba Mc Intire is our celebrity guest for this episode of "Who Do You Think You Are S 3". We start at Reba's parents ranch in Stringtown, Oklahoma and we meet her mother Jackie Mc Intire. Reba's maternal side is the one she is researching. She previously wrote a biography and researched her father's family.

We learn from Jackie Mc Intire that Reba needs to go to Monroe County, Mississippi to learn about her grandmother Reba Estelle Brasfield Smith, who Reba was named after. Here in Aberdeen, Monroe Co. Miss. we learn of Reba Estelle's parents B. W. Brasfield and Susan Raper. It appears that B. W. came from a
well to do family, but he dies from tuberculosis.

We find out about B.W.'s grandfather who is Reba Mc Intire's 4th great-grandfather George Brasfield born in 1765, Reba must now go to Wake County, North Carolina to find out about George Brasfield. In Raleigh, Wake County, N. C. land records Reba learns George owned a lot in the town of Raleigh, known as Brasfield Lot. The "Brasfield Old Tavern" was located on this lot.

The tax records listed George Brasfield as owning 1,615 3/4 acres of land in the county. The tax record also gave the information that George owned 10 slaves. Other records including deeds shows George buying and selling slaves. These records were found at the Grandville County Courthouse in Oxford N. C.

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Reba must leave North Carolina to learn about George Brasfield's grandfather who is Reba Mc Intire's 6th grt-grandfather,
whose name just happens to be George Brasfield. This journey takes her to Tappahonnock, Essex County, Virginia.
Reba is at the county courthouse where she learns that her 6th grt-grandfather George purchased 300 acres of land for 1500 pounds of tobacco. This was from a land deed recorded in 1721.

She learns that this George was born in 1688 in Cheshire, England. Reba also learns about indentured servitude and the ship "Loyalty". Reba now travels to Chester, Cheshire County, England and learns the name of George's parents. Reba goes to the Cheshire Archives and Local Studies for more information.

Reba has learned the names of George's parents: Thomas Brasfield and Abigail Bizzou, resided in the town of Macclesfield. She is at the St. Michael's Church where she learns the reasons why George was sent to America in 1698 at age 9 or 10 years of age. Here she finds out that Thomas and Abigail are buried in the church cemetery.

Please watch the video to learn more about "Indentured Servitude" and the difference from "Slavery". Learn about the ship "Loyalty" and the passengers on board this ship in 1698. Also the "List of emigrants to America from Liverpool 1697-1707". Find out about the type of life George would have had and possibly some of the reasons why Thomas sent his young son to America.

This episode gives you a longer chain of ancestors, occupations, and location of residents. I prefer this to just concentrating on one or two people.

So far all episodes this year have been excellent.

The following are people and institutions who provided the research for this episode:

D. Joshua Taylor, genealogist; Evans Memorial Library, in Aberdeen, Monroe, Co., Mississippi.
Professor Phillip Otterness, North Carolina Historian, at Warren Wilson College.
Professor Harry Watson, North Carolina, Historian at University of North Carolina.
Professor Warren R. Hofstra, Virginia Historia at Shenandoah University.
Brett Langston, Research Consultant; Cheshire Archives and Local Studies.
James Horn, Historian: Indentured Servitude, at Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

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