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Rita Wilson

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Rita Wilson, actress singer and producer is our guest celebrity for this episode of "Who Do You Think You Are Season 3". Ms Wilson gave us the funny movie "Big Fat Greek Wedding", because of
her nationality. I am glad she did, enjoyed watching the movie more than once.

Ms Wilson takes us on a journey to Northern Greece and Bulgaria. Rita is working on finding information about her father's life before he arrived in the United States in 1950. Her father's
name given at birth is; Hassan Halil Ibrahimoff.

Ms Wilson arrives in the Oraio, Greece, the city where her father was born. She is taken to the house of his birth. Here we see they have hung up tobacco for drying. Also onions and garlic are hung to dry or for storage. Rita is told the house is being used for storage.

Ms Wilson is aware that her father had gone to Bulgaria at some point. She finds out that he and his father and siblings went to Smolyan, Bulgaria, between 1927 and 1934.

We learn that Mr. Hassan H. Ibrahimoff is drafted into the Bulgarian Army in 1941. Mr. Ibrahimoff served in the army but was dismissed. Watch the video to learn more about his military service.

We also learn Rita's father Hassan H. Ibrahimoff moved to Plodiv, Bulgaria, in 1945.

Mr. Hassan H. Ibrahimoff life is full of heart break, pain and sadness. Ms Wilson goes to Plodiv, Bulgaria and learns about her father's first marriage and a birth of a son. What she learns at
Plodiv is the sad part of his life he never mentioned.

Watch the video and learn about labor camps in Bulgaria. Also about the impossed punishment given to Ms Wilson's father. A parole document and a secret file are also a part of Mr. Ibrahimoff life.

Mr. Ibrahimoff arrived in the United States on May 4, 1950. Learn what one of the first official tasks he performed. It has to do with Wilson.

If the video below does not take you to the program go to:

www.nbc.com Check the videos and/or archives.

The following people assisted Ms Wilson:

The following people assisted Rita Wilson in her search.

1. Deniz Hacihalil, translator and researcher.

2. Dr. Vania Stoyanova, Historian, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

3. Prof. Meglena Zlatkova, Ethnographer, Plovid, University.

4. Prof. Daniela Koleva, Department of History and Theory of Culture, Sofia University.

5. Denny Jicheva, translator.

If you would like to view this program go to: www.nbc.com. Check videos and the archives.

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