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Rodriquez Grenier Chavez

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Rodriquez Grenier Chavez, also known as Mayte Michelle Rodriquez, Adrian Grenier and Linda Lou Chavez, they are our celebrity guests for this final episode of "Finding Your Roots.

Our 3 guests share Mexican or Spanish roots and all 3 say they have Native American Roots. We will find out if all 3 have these roots or do any of them have Native American Roots.

Michelle Rodriquez

Mayte Michelle comes from parents who are from different countries. Her father was of Puerto Rican descent (lighter skin). Her mother was from the Dominican Republic (darker

Ms Rodriquez' parents marriage failed and her mother became ill and packed up Michelle and her 2 brothers and moved back to the Dominican Republic. Her grandmother Sarah Espinal took care of all of them.

After Michelle's mother died she brought the children back to America and to the State of New Jersey. They were poor in American, but had been poorer in Dominican Republic.

Watch the video to find out about her 3rd great grandfathers and other interesting ancestors.
Also does she have Native American Ancestry.

Adrian Grenier

Adrian is an actor and a contrarian. He empatically states he has Native American ancestry. We will find out. Adrian's father was of Northern European ancestry, his mother Karesse Grenier
was strong Hispanic ancestry. Karesse always told Adrian they had strong Native American history.

We learn about his maternal grandfather Junio Lopez. We here of his gr-grandparents Sarita Gonzalez and Rufino Ortiz.

Going back to the 16th Century (1500s') we meet Hernan Serrano a Spanish Conquistor, who is Adrian's 11th gr-grandfather. We here of his 10th gr-grandfather Luis Martin Serrano.

Watch the video to see the Spanish history evolve and how Adrian's ancestors came from Spain and why did they leave. Does he learn more about other ancestry, watch and find out.

Linda Lou Chavez

Linda Chavez is a political commentator on Fox News and she is a fiesty independent person. Linda's mother's family come from Ireland, while her father has strong ties to the American

First we about her paternal grandfather Ambrosia Chavez, a well educated man and highly intelligent. When prohibition hit the nationa Mr. Chavez started bootlegging (selling alcohol), he was arrested 3 times and actually spent 11 years in Leavenworth Prison. This took the family down. Linda's father never finished to high school and was a house painter, but he too had problems.

We meet some of Linda's other ancestors, especially Francisco de Orozco and Gillimar de Orozco
her 9th great grandparents. We also meet Linda's 10th great grandmother Benita de Orozco.
Here we learn this family were actually Spanish Jews.

Watch the video learn about Linda's other ancestors and what made the de orozco family leave Spain for America. Does she have any Natiave Americans in her family history.

Watch Rodriquez Grenier Chavez for some world history we probably forgot. I love the history that comes out of these programs.

Note: At this 20 minutes of the program is playing. At some point if it stops
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Watch Adrian Grenier, Michelle Rodriguez, and Linda Chavez on PBS. See more from Finding Your Roots.

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