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Sarah Loucks Obit

Per Sarah Loucks Obit, whe was born in Canada West on February 27,1839 and came to the United States in 1849. This means Loucks was her maiden name, even though she was twice married. First to William Parkhurst in 1858. Second marriage to Nathan W. Wilder in 1866.

When doing your genealogy research and looking through newspapers always check all known names of both male and female ancestors, especially the female side. In case of men be careful of nicknames such as: Bud, Buddy, Joe, Jim. Joe and Jim could be short for a first name or middle name. If you are having trouble locating an individual consider that they used their middle name or went by a nickname which for some reason they preferred to be called by.

NOTE: From Hall related cousins and descendents of Sarah's through her second marriage, I learned that Laura Ingalls Wilder was a relative. They proved it and I have seen other documentation that they lived in a town about 10 miles from where I now live.

So keep on searcing those ancestors and enjoy the ride. You never know what you will find or where you will find it.

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