Small Cemeteries for Ancestor Search

Small Cemeteries

The above photo was taken from a Yahoo Search.

Small cemeteries for ancestor search, another source for lineage information. During your cemetery hoping days you will come across quite a few small or mini cemeteries.
One of these cemeteries may be a part of church property. This could be an active or inactive church.

You can find another cemetery located on farm property. This would probably be for the owners and descendants of the original owners. This could have been one of your ancestor's farm. This would be a private cemetery. Should it still be an active farm the cemetery will be taken care of.

You will find these cemeteries off the side of the road, it can pay to stop and walk through, if it is in the area you want to do your family searching. Never say oh! no one in my family is buried there.

I've been in cemeteries that looked like they had been tucked in a corner in an out of the way place. One such place had about 20 tombstones of one of my main lines, that I was working on.

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When you decide to go cemetery hoping, if you do not know the area, check with the county surveyor. This is especially good to do if you will be in an unincorporated area of the county. By unincorporated I mean not a town or city. These cemeteries
will have maintenance people and if privately owned, the owners will probably have the records.

Also in small towns the town or city clerk's office might have the records for these cemeteries and will probably have the location of the cemeteries. Another suggestion check with the local library for any books that have been created on the cemeteries in their city or county. You may want to do this before you start on your journey.

Remember good things can come in small packages.

Keep ancestor searching and enjoy the genealogy pathway.

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