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Trace Family History

To trace family history go to these county offices. The County Surveyor, assessor and treasurer's offices. If your courthouse or government complex has a Veterans Administration Office, they to can give you ancestor information.

County Assessor:

The county assessor has all the assessment figures for every parcel of real estate within the county. The assessment figures will show land value from the creation of the county to present day. The assessment records will show when a house or building
was erected or placed on the land, as well as ownership.

County Treasurer:

The county treasurer's office sends out the tax statements and they collect all taxes: personal property, real estate and sewer taxes and if their are any special assessment taxes. They also have a treasuer's tax sale, the frequency of sale varies with each state.

County Surveyor:

The county surveyor's office has maps of the entire county. The office has legal surveys on some individual parcels of land that their surveyors surveyed. I was given a set of maps from a county surveyor in another county that showed the location of every cemetery in that county. Sure made it easy to go from one
cemetery to another.

Voters' Registration:

The voters' registration office can tell you that your ancestor was registered to vote and what party he/she usually voted for. This information can be in a book in your local library.

Veterans' Administration:

The Veterans' Administration can help you in tracing your family history. If you want to know if their are any "Old Soldiers Homes" in your state give the Veterans Administration a call, also they can tell you where the veterans' hospitals are located
in your state and yes you can obtain ancestry information from both places.

I accidently ran across the above source, when we were trying to find out when and where our great-greatgrandmother died. We knew she remarried and knew the second husband's name, while searching the civil war records I found a listing for her second husband.

I requested the file from the National Archives and when the papers arrived the very first paper had "Old Soldiers Home" stamped on it.

I made a couple inquiries else where and one of the parties told me to call the Veterans Administration Office located in our local courthouse. One of my cousins wrote to the home and I wrote to the county seat for her death certificate.

Trace family history in these county offices and you can find out more about your ancestors.

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