Tracing Family History Books and More Books.

Tracing Family History Books

For tracing family history books and more books. After obtaining information from your family, your next step is to go to your local library. Check out the genealogy room or department. Do a run through to see what books and microfilm they have.


Check to see if there is an index or two for the public records: birth, marriage and death information. The birth index books usually give you the parents names, (in many cases the mother's maiden name), date of birth, gender, and baby's name, place of
birth (city).

Marriage Index:

The marriage index will give the name of the bride and groom, date of license, date of marriage, sometimes the age of each party. It is always a good idea to obtain the a copy of the marriage license for additional information may be on the license.

In the Southern states a bond had to be posted when applying for the marriage license and this is done by the father, brother or male guardian for male or female applicant. I have seen a few where the mother posted bond. In the Northern states the father had to sign giving permission for his son or daughter to marry if under the age of 21 years.

Death Index:

The death index has the name of the deceased and surviving spouse or the informant's name. Also date of death. Of course there is more information in the death record book, and or on a death certificate. Additional information found on a death certificate: name of deceased person's parents, name of informant (wife, son, daughter etc); place of death: city, county and state. The cause of death.

Other public records are estates and last will and testament;
guardianships. There are other civil court actions to that can be
viewed: divorce, legal separation.

D.A.R. Patriot Books:

For tracing family history books,The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revoultion have books titled:
D.A.R. Patriot Index. Here you can find the patriot's name, spouse and children. Also for what act(s) he performed during the American Revoultion. If you want to do a quick
search on line go to:

Passenger List:

Another good source for information is the "Passenger List" Books. Some of the information that is available in this set of books are: name of person, age, country, maybe city
where lived. The ship that brought them here, and the name of the departure city.

In some cases the parties who accompanied your ancestor is also listed in the "Passenger List" books. There are the original books and supplemental books down to 2008. I have not checked since spring but the 2009 supplement maybe published.

City Directories:

Your library will have other tracing family history books: City Directories, that are a great source of genealogy information. There are a couple different types of city directories. The ones I have used the most are crossed referenced by name and by address.

First you find your ancestor by name, here you find an address and then you check the address to see if your party is living in a single family residence, hotel, boarding house, or apartment houses. Also the older city directories listed only the spouse. Starting about World War II or little later the children were listed.

The other city directory list your ancestor by name only, no cross reference by street. They do list your party under his/her employment such as: doctor, plumber, plasterer etc. The cross reference directory will show company name of employer: "Mfg." or "BlocK Mfg".

There are telephone books. Books containing copies of genealogical societies newsletters and many more books that will be helpful.

Keep on tracing family history books inside these hallowed walls called the library.

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