Vital Records For Ancestry Search

Vital Records

Vital records and public records for ancestry search. You can search index
books at your local library, in the genealogy room or department to find birth,
marriage and death information on your ancestors.
These index books were done by the local genealogy society or done by the WPA Progam during the Great Depression time.

Always be prepared! You will be dealing with city and county employees at your county courthouse or government center when ordering a birth or death certificate. If you can go to the courthouse in person that is best.
Yes, they are public servants, but remember they do have their own duties to get done.

Also you may be dealing with state employees in your state capital, if you have to contact the office of vital statistics to order any records.

For birth records and death records you will be dealing with the city board of health or a
county board of health. City or county depends on the size of the county in land and
population. Also whether a city has the money to finance a board of health. Take a look at:

Genealogy Research Health Department

For marriage record information you will be working with the county clerk's office. There
are other records in the county clerk's office that will be useful for your ancestry
search. Check this page: Lineage Search

The county recorder's office has deeds to properties, plats of subdivisions and other
vital records that are very useful in genealogy research.
Look at this page: Find Ancestry Information

The county auditor's office has the records on each parcel of land in the county. The
auditor's office also has some property tax information. The county auditor's office
is office that runs the auditor's property tax sale.
Check out this page: Family History Search

The county treasurer's office mails out tax statements and collects property taxes,
sewer taxes, personal property tax. Also inheritance taxes from estates. The treasurer's
office also has a treasurer's tax sale on property.

The county assessor's office has all the pertinent information on property as to
what is assessed and assessed value. Also how long a house or building has been
located on the property.

County surveyor has surveys or maps of land for the entire county. I have several maps
that shows where every cemetery is located in the county.

The county voter's resgistration has the records for voters from the day they first
registered to vote. You can move from address to address or city to city within the
county and your voter's registration follows you.

The veterans' administration can also be a help in your genealogy research. The
veterans' admistration can help you contact a veterans' hospital, old soldiers home etc.
Have a look at this page: Trace Family History

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