Who Do You Think You Are Season Two

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Who Do You Think

Who Do You Think, You are is returning for a second season. The first program will be aired on television, February 4, 2011 on NBC Channels at 8:00 p.m. EST. One of the producers is Lisa Kudrow, who was the first person to have ancestry.com help with her ancestry research on last seasons' broadcast.

I will be critqueing each episode. Hope they give us a more in depth research techniques.

Season Two was very good, but I believe Season Three was the
best season so far. If you want to watch this program again, go to www.nbc.com and search the videos.

Check our page: This season's guest celebrities are: Gwyneth Paltrow; Tim McGraw; Rosie O"Donnell; Steve Buscemi;
Kim Cattrall; Lionel Richie; Vanessa Williams; and Ashley Judd.

Watch and enjoy the unfolding of the family trees of the above guest celebrities.

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Who Do You Think S 3.

Hopefully you were able to watch all of the above episodes and enjoyed each one. Also hope you found helpful information for your own genealogy research.


I had conversations with Ancestry.com and NBC people. NBC chose not to renew with Ancestry.  Ancestry.com switched to the Learning Channel and I
do not have access to the Learning Channel.

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