Who Do You Think 2 "Vanessa Williams"

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Who Do You Think 2

Who Do You Think 2, episode one featured Vanessa Williams. I really enjoyed this program. We learned quite a lot about her family. Pine Hollow Cemetery in New York was the first place Vanessa visited. The first line that was investigated was "Carll" her father's mother's side.

The people Vanessa visited were the Town Historian of "Oyster Bay, New York" and a genealogist at the National Archives in Washington D.C. From the town historian we learned that black men of New York were allowed to serve during the Civil War. The bounty David Carll received was $300.00, with this money he purchased land on January 7, 1864.

The genealogist at the National Archives presented the pension file of David Carll, which gave us the information that Mr. Carll was born a free man, never was a slave. He fought at the "Battle of Bloody Ridge", South Carolina.

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The second line of investigation was in the Williams Family. Vanessa visited her Uncle Earl Williams, then went to a town historian in Baltimore, Maryland. The family knew about John Hill Williams, her great-grandfather. The name of his wife was unknown, until census records were checked. John Hill Williams wife's name was Mary Fields. Mary's father was William A. Fields. Mr Fields was a member of the Tennessee House of
Representatives and a justice of the peace during the 1880s' and 1890s.

The Tennessee State Constitution was changed and there was not another black person to serve in the state congress for 88 years.

Resources used: cemetery visit, a family member's knowledge, genealogists, historians and the National Archives.

You do not have to visit these places, instead find out the contact information and e-mail or write a letter or brief note. You can also telephone. I have found out I get better and faster responses from e-mail and letters.

Please visit as many cemeteries as you can, this experience is very rewarding.

Sorry I had to remove the video information, as it was no longer available.

Go to: www.nbc.com and click on videos to see if this video might still be available.

Keep enjoying the ride along the genealogy highway.

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