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Who Do You Think 3 episode number 2, is about Tim Mc Graw. He is doing his family history research on his biological father's lineage. It is definitely family history all the way. Tim believed the man he called father was his real father until one day he saw his birth certificate. Tim was in his teens when he started checking to see if Frank Edwin (Tug) Mc Graw Jr was his real father. Yes Tug Mc Graw was his biological father. Tug Mc Graw was a well known baseball player for the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies.

During this time he met his grandfather Frank Edwin (Big Mac) Mc Graw Sr. and his Uncle Hank, who appears in this episode. He spoke with his Uncle Hank and Hank showed him some photographs of their ancestors.
On this trip Tim's travels takes him from Nashville, Tennessee, to Missouri, Virginia, Washington D.C. and New York.

The Mc Graw line is taken back to the 6th great grandfather then crossover to Isaac Chrisman who lived in Southwest Virginia and on land that still belonged to the native americans. Isaac purchased this land in 1774 and with the help of a historian Tim discovers that Isaac Chrisman has died by 1777 only 3 years after purchasing his land. In Richmond Virginia another historian finds out that Isaac died in 1776 along with 2 sons.
Isaac Chrisman was warned to go to the fort which he apparently did, but he wanted to tend his grops and took 2 of his sons and all were killed.

Isaac Chrisman is searched back through the 1740s' and 1730s' and again we crossover to Yost Hite.

Another historian tells Tim that Yost Hite was authorized to distribute 140,000 acres of land in Colonial Virginia. Mr. Hite also becomes an owner of many acres of land.

Next stop Washington D. C. to the Library of Congress, where Tim learns that Mr. Yost Hite was well known and thought well of. Here he is given a journal that had belonged to a 16 year old boy to read. The boy states that he stayed and was well treated
at Mr. Yost Hite home. The 16 year old was George Washington and Tim was reading from one of G.W. journals.

If this video does not take you to Tim McGraw program, go to

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Next Tim is given a document to read that shows the name was originally spelled Johan Yost Hayd, who came from the Palatine region of Germany in 1709. This document states that Mr. Hayd was receiving assistance from the British. (I am familiar with this area as two of my German lines come from this area. My Haynes line is one that came here in 1709, possibly on the same ship as Mr. Hite).

Now Tim goes to New York to find out why Mr. Hayd was receiving assistance.

In New York a historian tells Tim about the booklet/pamphlet "The Carolinas" known as the milk and honey story. Here Tim learns that Mr. Hayd was considered an indenture servant. As the story has unfolded Mr. Hayd was not an indentured servant for very long, as we see him a man of means in
the State of Virginia.

This episode of Who Do You Think 3, we see the use of family members, historians, archives, libraries and travel. In detective and mystery stories we see the main character having assistants or associates to help in his work. In family history research we have many people who can help us.

Who Do You Think 3 is episode 2 of season two of this genealogy
research program. Come back next week for another episode and
another celebrity.

Keep on researching and enjoy the ride along the genealogy pathway.

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