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Who Do You Think 4 has Rosie O'Donnell, actor, author, radio and television personality. Rosie was always told she was of Irish descent. Rosie's mother died when Rosie was 10 years old, as result of cancer. Rosie wants to find out about her mother's side of the family.

This episode uses resources and sources that have not previously been mentioned or used in the other programs.

First Rosie's brother Ed showed her their grandfather Daniel Murtha's World War I draft card and found Jersey City, New Jersey information. Ed also showed a photo to Rosie of a woman that no one seemed to know who she was.

Rosie goes to Jersey City, N. J. Free Public Library where a genealogist shows her census film. She learns that her great grandparents are Michael and Ellen Murtha. The census tells Rosie that Michael was born in French Canada and that his parents were born in Ireland.

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She also learns from the census record that Michael had a first wife of Ann. She investigates Ann and learns she died tragically and left a 1 year old child. Rosie learns the child is a girl named
Elizabeth and she follows her line and meets with Elizabeth's descendents and discovered the previous unknown woman was Ann, Michael's first wife. She also learned through Elizabeth's obituary that Elizabeth and Rosie's grandfather were known to each other.

Rosie goes to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to the "National Archives of Quebec", here Rosie learns that Michael's father was Andrew Murtagh and Ann Doyle Murtagh. Andrew and Ann were both born in Ireland. Notice the spelling of the last name went from Murtagh to Murtha.

Rosie goes to Ireland and learns her gr-gr-grandfather was very poor and was housed in the "Birr Workhouse" and was considered the poorest of the poor and one George Wood recommended that he, his wife and children be sent immediately to Canada. A most interesting episode.

World War I draft card gave information. Baptismal records were used. Census records both U.S. and Canada gave valuable information. A couple of newspapers were used for obituaries and news article.

Places visited were Jersey City Free Public Library, New Jersey; Kildare Library in New Bridge, Ireland. Brooklyn Historical Society; a Catholic Church in Brooklyn.

I also want to note that Canada and United Kingdom have always taken their census information in the 1 year.
1811;1841;1911 etc.

Keep watching and enjoying the program and your own personal journey.

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