Who Do You Think 7 "Steve Buscemi"

Who Do You Think 7

Who Do You Think 7 is about Steve Buscemi and his search to find out abut his mother's side of the family. About all he knows is that his grandmother Amanda VanDine committed suicide. He talks to his mother and she shows him pictures of his grandmother Amanda and one of his great grandmother Jane VanDine.

Steve first search is on ancestry.com in the 1880 Federal Census Records, here he finds Jane VanDine in Camden, New Jersey age 11. Jane is in the home of Tillman Turner as a servant. The genealogist from ancestry.com explains the reasons why this could have happened.

Steve's travels take him from Brooklyn, New York; Camden, New Jersey; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Fredericksburg, Virginia.

We go back to his great-great-grandfather Ralph B. (Boyle) Montgomery. Unfortunately this is where we learn about the good, bad and ugly. I liked when Steve Buscemi said he was trying not to judge. Always remember the good old days were not so good, but sometimes were very harsh.

Steve talked with genealogists, historians and archivists. He used death record information, U.S. Federal Census; and family trees from ancestry.com.

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This video has been removed. Please go to: www.nbc.com and click on videos to see if the video is still available  or has been archived.

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