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Who Do You Think 8

On this episode of Who Do You Think 8, Gwyneth Pa;trow is our celebrity guest, she is searching both sides of her family. Her mother's side is German and Pennyslvania Dutch. Gwyneth's father's side is Eastern European Jewish.

Fact or fiction, a relative of Gwyneth's mother' father was suppose to be from Barbados. She first check's in New York City Public Library to find a death record. It is not her grandmother Ida MaeDanner, but Ida's mother Rosamund Isabelle Stout, who was born in Barbados andcomes to the United States with her sister Martha age 27 years and Rosamund was 18 years old.

She also wants to know about her grandfather's mother on her father's side the Paltrows'. There is much about Ida Hyman Paltrow, interesting and very sad. In both searches Gwyneth is given some history of the time to help explain the actions and lives of these ancestors

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On the Paltrow side she also wants to find out if there is more than one rabbi in the family. She does learn that there has been at least 3 and well respected men.

Some of the tools used are photos, obituaries, death records memorial book, and a book by her great-grandfather about his father who was well respected rabbi. Also ancestry.com and passenger lists.

Gwyneth went to the New York Public library and the Barbados Dept. of Archives. She spoke with a historian from University of West Indies and a historian of Eastern European Jewish Religion.

NOTE: Don't forget to check into the history of the time and geography. Since searching genealogy I want to know why my ancestors lived where they did and why did they move to another area.

This short clip has been removed.  Please go to: www.nbc.com click on videos to see if this video clip is still available or has been removed.

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