Who Do You Think S 3 Martin Sheen

Who Do You Think S 3

Who Do You Think S 3, has Martin Sheen as the first celebrity searching for some answers. Mr. Sheen takes us to Ireland and then to Spain. We hear about the Irish Civil War and the Spanish Civil War. Mr. Sheen has two uncles he is investigating, one is Irish and one is Spanish.

Mr. Sheen's maternal ancestry

Mr. Sheen's birth name is Ramon Gerard Estevez, his mother Mary Ann Phelan was Irish and his father Francisco Estevez
Martinez was Spanish,so we have a mixed heritage, which is great for this episode. We hear about 2 civil wars and of his uncles who fought in these wars.

First Mr. Sheen takes us to Ireland, where he is looking for information on his mother's brother: Michael Phelan. We learn Michael Phelan fought in the Irish Civil War, which started about June 1922. This was after a treaty was signed. The Anglo/Irish Treaty divided Ireland into Northern Ireland and Free State of
Ireland. We learn that Michael Phelan is a man of commitment, conviction and much courage.

Take a look at one of the jails/prisons that Mr. Phelan was incarcerated Kilmainham Jail.

Here are some of the people and institutions that helped Mr. Sheen. Dr. Edward Madigan, Centre for War Studies; Dr. William Murphy, Mater Dei Institute. Tinity College, Dublin and Dublin City University.

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Martin Sheen's paternal ancestry

We now go to Mr. Sheen's paternal side his father's name Francisco Estevez Martinez, where we learn about his Uncle Matias Estevez Martinez, who served in the Spanish Civil War which began in summer of 1936. Mr. Martinez was against Franco coming into power. As history tells us Franco won and was in power for 40 years until his death in 1975.

Mr. Matias Estevez Martinez was also a man of commitment, conviction and extreme courage. He to spent time in prisons one of which was San Simon. Mr. Martinez received a life sentence, watch the video and see what actually happened to him.

We also learn about Don Diego Francisco Suarez, Mr. Sheen's 4th great-grandfather. Learn of his rank and status. He is well thought of person and he is a man living a double standard. Some things just never change.

Here are people and institutions that assisted on this story:
Matthew Hovious, genealogist; Prof. Edward Behrend Martinez; Dr. Alejandro Quiroga.

Archivo Historio Diocisano, Tui Galicia, Spain; New Castle University; History of Spanish Court System at
Appachian State University.

Watch this video for the first episode of "Who Do You Think S 3 for the genealogy and history. A great episode. Enjoy.

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