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I am delighted to have 23andMe as a sponsor for our website.The company is larger than just searching

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Genes Reunited

Genes Reunited is the largest genealogy website in the United Kingdom (UK). I am delighted and honored that they are a new sponsor for our website.

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Just posted some new information on findmypastie. All about Parrish records.Unknown to me there are "Bann Records". I have heard of Banns being pronounced in Church. Go to: to the video and listen to it; I am in the middle of it now.

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Welcome to findmypastIE. You can now search 1.8 billion world records and discover your past. Yes you will have all 1.8 billion records records at your fingertips.

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Ancestry Trees

Ancestry Trees with allow you to access the family trees that appear on

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Cemetery Tips for Ancestry Searching

Cemetery tips for ancestry searching.

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Added another offer for Find My Past. You can use the 2 codes or use the landing pages: Australia; Ireland; United Kingdom or United States.

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Genealogy Research

Genealogy Research,you are a student and this is your assignment. You are a waitress, teacher or doctor and you want to research your ancestry. Where do you start..

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Cemetery Tips 2

Cemetery Tips 2. One of the most widely debated,most talked about,and most often asked questionwhen a bunch of genealogists get together is, 'What is the best way to clean a tombstone?"

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Ancestryca, is loaded with military records. In their Canadian Collection there are the records of World War I Soldiers. There are other records in the Canadian Collection:

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