Who Do You Think 6 "Lionel Richie"

Who Do You Think 6

Who Do You Think 6, is about Lionel Richie's quest to learn about his great-grandfather. His grandmother Adelaide Foster would never talk about her father. Mr. Richie's quest takes him to the state of Tennessee.

First Mr. Richie visits his sister Deborah Richie, she shows him a couple photos, then she hands him their grandmother's social security document.

The Social Security document tells them: Adelaide M. Brown Foster is their grandmother's full name and she was born in Tennesse. Also the document has Louis Brown listed as Adelaide's father. Next Lionel Richie goes to Nashville, Tennessee to the Nashville Public Library, where he meets a genealogist.

They look at a marriage record book and find J.L. (John Louis) Brown married Volenderver Towson April 6, 1890.
He also learned his gr-grandmother was only 15 years old and his gr-grandfather was 50 years old at the time of marriage.

Next a trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee divulges a divorce between J.L.(John Louis) Brown and Volenderver. The
complaint states the age difference as part of the problem and the final decree states Mr. Brown deserted her 2 years prior to filing & decree of divorce.

Mr. Richie goes back and forth between Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. From Nashville City Directories,
he learns about the SGA of Knights of Wisemen. Mr. Brown was an educated man as he was the editor and "Supreme Grand Archon" of the Knights of Wisemen. Mr. Brown wrote the by-laws, rules and regulations of the society. Mr. Brown goes from being a well known and respected person to a man who had to work into his 90s' to survive. Please watch the video for the complete story.

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The video has been removed contact: www.nbc.com click on videos and see if this video is available or has been archived.

Mr. John Louis Brown was a servant in the Civil War and filed for a pension. He also was the caretaker of "Pleasant Gardens Cemetery", where he is buried.

Nashville Public Library, Nashville Metro Archives, ancestry.com, are some of the places Mr. Richie visited. City directories, marriage record book, divorce papers and social security document are a few of the sources of information which assisted Mr. Richie.

This is an excellent story watch the video and learn some of the tools for genealogy-research.

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